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How to make a bow and arrow

How to make a bow and arrow in the wild

Bow and arrow are a great part of human civilization. They have been used since ancient times. People used them to protect themselves from animals and to hunt their prey. It is considered one of the oldest weapons in history. Just because they are old does not mean they are useless now. In fact, they are still one of the most useful weapons. When you are in the forest and do not have any firearms, making a bow and arrow is the best decision. They can save your life in difficult situations.

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Making a bow and arrow is very easy, you just have to follow some simple steps.

How to make a bow (step-by-step)

Step 1:Choose the best wood for your bow

Choosing wood for the bow is very important. The bow carries the most amount of pressure. So if the wood is not high quality, the bow might break. There are various kinds of wood used for making bows. Mostly yew, osage orange, ash, hickory, black locust, and green wood are used for making bows. As it’s hard to choose between all of the woods, let’s discuss their features.


The best thing about hickory is it is cheap and widely available. Also hickory has a good tension resistance that does not break after curving. Also, it is strong like bamboo which is ideal for making bows. But the only problem with hickory is its moisture absorption.


Maple is suggested by survivalists because of its proper snap. It has sustaining potential energy. Once you release the arrow it gives extra force to it. Also, maple is very flexible which makes making the bow easier. Maple wood bows are still dominating the market.

Osage orange

Osage orange is best for making recurve bows. It comes with a proper tensile and compressed amount of strength that helps to balance. The best thing about osage orange is it does not rot even after being buried. But the problem is it becomes very supple when in touch with heat. So it’s important to save it from extra heat.

Red oak

It’s cheap and available everywhere. Make sure that you are not buying an earlier-developed ring piece. Try to buy a piece with lately grown and thick rings. After buying, just reinforce it like any other wood and it will be good to go.


Bamboo is the most available and cheap material on the list. However, it requires more work but it’s heat resistant and lasts for years. It becomes more bendable when exposed to heat. For that reason, it gives more force to the arrow.


Ipe is best for making thin and light bows. Archers reinforce it with bamboo. This wood is generally used for making decks because of its highly resistible nature. This can be an excellent option for making bows.


Dogwood is popular in Europe for making bows. It has robust compression which is good for bows. However, choosing the best dogwood is tough. Because it is hard to find knot-free dogwood and knotted dogwood sometimes breaks from the middle.

Eastern Red Cedar

It has a light and brittle nature that is ideal for making recurve bow. Eastern red cedar has weak tension but comes with robust compression. But you might not find it everywhere.

Step 2: gather all the items

Before starting to craft your bow, you have to gather all the necessary items. For crafting the most important thing is the bow stick. Find long tree branches or find necessary items in the bush.

Step 3:Craft a bow

To craft a bow, carve two notches at both ends of the bow stick. Make the cuts nearly half an inch deep on both sides. The cuts should be on the opposite of the natural curve of the bow. Make sure the cuts are on the correct sides. Making the cuts in the right position is necessary for holding the bowstring in place.

Step 4:Craft a bowstring

In a matter of emergency, any kind of fibre can be your bowstring. Generally, plant fibre, linen, hemp, sinew, rawhide, and silk is used to make bow strings. You can use them to craft a bowstring for your bow.


Step 5:Attach the String to your bow

Attaching your bowstring to the bow is the last part. Your string should be ¾ in the length of your bow size. It increases the power of your bow by increasing the tension. A short string also increases the power but it makes the job difficult.

Wrap the string around one side of your bow and make a loop. The loops should correctly sit around the notches in the bow. If the notches are perfectly made, there is nothing to worry about.

What are the parts of an arrow called?


The arrow’s body is called the arrow shaft. A lot of things depend on the arrow shaft’s size and weight. An arrow shaft should be 90 degrees straight for the best results. Modern-day shafts are made of various materials. But in the forest, you only have one option and that is wood.


Arrowhead is the arrow point. It’s easier to hunt animals with a sharp arrowhead. You can use various materials as arrowheads such as metal, glass, stones, etc. If you do not have any of them, just make the tip sharper. It will do the job of an arrowhead.


Nock is located in the back of an arrow where it helps the string to sit properly. It ensures the grip and increases the release power. Generally, nocks are made of plastic. But for handmade arrows, there is a small slit in the back.


It is the feather located in the back of an arrow. Modern-day fletchings are made of plastic. But in the old days, fletchings were made of feathers, animal fur, etc.


How to make an arrow (Step-by-step)

1.    Collect wood for Arrows

The wood used in arrows plays a big role in their quality. To be honest any wood can be used for crafting arrows. But, arrows should be made out of the straightest sticks. Generally, Osage orange, Yew, Black locust, Oak, Ash, Hickory, Elm, and Mulberry trees are used for making arrows. But there is no guarantee you will find them in the forest, so use whatever you have. Stick weight is a personal matter and it totally depends on you. However heavy arrows work better with heavy bows. So if you are using a heavy bow, go for heavy arrows.

The perfect measurement for arrows is as half the size of the bow or as long as you can draw it back. The arrows must be pulled back to the bow’s potential point so it is useless if it does not come that far. For making arrows, always use dry and dead wood. Green wood can be used if it’s dried out naturally. Drying the wood using fire can weaken the wood and it might get curved and become useless. So the best way is to have patience and wait for them to dry out naturally.

2.    Create the shaft

After collecting the arrows it is time to give them a shape. You have to shave the wood to make it more smooth around its body to reduce friction. Now straighten the arrows using heat, just gently hold the stick upon the coal and hold straight while the wood goes to normal temperature. Do not hold them in direct fire, it will make the arrow weaker. After straightening the arrows, carve a small notch in the back of every arrow. This is called a nock and it is used to assist the bowstring.

3.    Craft arrowhead

Arrowheads need to be sharp to pierce through their target. There are different ways to construct an arrowhead. You can construct an arrowhead with metal, glass, bone, or stone. Carve a notch using a sharp object and insert the arrowhead inside. After inserting the arrowhead tie with string to make it stronger. If you do not have a sharp object to make an arrowhead, do not worry. Just sharpen your arrow and heat the tip using coal. It will make the tip stronger and help it to pierce through the target.

4.    Add fletchings

Fletching is important for the arrow’s flight. They work just like aeroplane wings that help them to cut through the air and glide better. This also improves the range vastly and helps to hit targets easily. However, it is hard to place them in the perfect position. But fletchings are not necessary if you are crafting arrows for survival. Generally, feathers are used for fetching, but animal fur and duct tape can also do the job. There are two ways to add fletchings in your arrow. Use glue to add the feathers to the back end of the arrow. You can also slit the arrow and slide the feathers inside. Take a thread and wrap it around properly to make the fletchings stronger.

How to make a bow and arrow in wild

How to craft a recurve bow (step by step)

What is a recurve bow?

A recurve bow is a different kind of bow with limbs curved away from the archer. Recurve bows store more energy than a regular bow. This bow is shorter in size and provides more energy. It has many differences from a regular straight-arm bow. It is easier to use in places where using a longbow is difficult.

What are the benefits of recurve bow?

Recurve bows have many benefits. It has a mathematically calculated shape and size ideal for archery. Recurves can store more energy and shoot powerfully. Because of this reason, recurve bows often make a noise when used. Recurve bows were used by ancient people who preferred short and light weapons. However, it takes a lot of practice to master a recurve bow.

Who can use a recurve bow?

Recurve bow is generally used by hunters who like challenges. It is recommended for people who hunt in thick bushes. This is because it is small in size and has more potential power. It is also good for new archers who like to target practice.

What are the parts of the recurve bow called?


The riser is also known as a handle. It’s where you place your hand in a recurve bow. Recurve bows are separately designed for right and left-handed archers. However, there are some recurve bows that can be used by both right-handed and left-handed users.


The shelf is the platform where you put your arrows while drawing.

Elevated rest

The elevated rest is placed right above the shelf. Target archers add an elevated rest in their bows, this works like another shelf. Most archers believe that shooting from the elevated rest improves accuracy.

Bow sight slot

Many archers use bow sight for both target shooting and hunting. It makes shooting much easier and helps to aim accurately.


The clicker is used to measure the ideal draw length. When archers draw they place the arrow right under the clicker and it makes a click sound. It tells them that they have reached the perfect drawing distance.

Stabilizer slot

The stabilizer slot is made for attaching the stabilizer. A stabilizer is used to stop the bow from shaking. It increases accuracy as well.


The limb is generally the whole bow’s body. Every recurve bow has two limbs. The upper part is called the upper limb and the lower part is called the lower limb.


The string that you hold while drawing is called a bowstring. There are different kinds of bowstrings according to bows.

Materials to make a recurve bow

To make a recurve bow you will need a lot of materials. For a perfect recurve bow, you will need the below-given tools.

  • A saw
  • hatchet
  • A flat file and a long knife
  • Big screw clamps
  • Draw knife
  • Heating gun
  • Tillering stick
  • pencil
  • Bow shaping frame
  • A rasp
  • Measure tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood for bow
  • Wooden laminate
  • A wooden board that must be two by four feet
  • A bow stave
  • oil or wax

Steps to Craft a Recurve Bow

Step 1: Collect the Stave

The first step is to collect the bow stave. For this, you have to cut a small tree of your choice. Choose a tree with a diameter of 20cm or less. After cutting the tree, carefully trim it between 2 to 1.6 meters. Now split the wood into quarter pieces.

To make it sustainable apply some glue on the back of the bow. After that, let it dry for a month. If you do not have enough time, just buy a stave from the store. Make sure the wood is high quality.

Step 2: Outline the stave

Outlining your recurve bow is very important. Take a pencil and mark the stave part. Cut off quarter inches from both sides and now you have a half-inch longer stave than your marked design. Correctly mark the middle point of the stave and it will be the center point of the handle.

Now mark the place where the hooks will be and put strings around them. After you have marked everything, use sandpaper to make it smooth.

Step 3: Shape the Limbs

After outlining the stave it’s time to shape the limps. Put the hand of your stave across the vice and set it. The back is supposed to face upwards. Now take your drawknife and draw strokes on the stave. Keep doing this until you find the perfect thickness for yourself.

Step 4: Bending

Bend the bow by heating it. Heat it using coal and bend it with the help of a round rock or other objects. Do not bend it too hard, bending too hard can weaken your stave. Take time to bend it with several attempts before it hits the perfect shape.

Step 5: Add Strings

The last part is to add strings. To do this, you will need some thread like a parachute cord. Take the cord and wrap it around the notch. The length of the cord would be twice the bow size. Make loops on the notch and tightly tie them around the other end of the bow.

Final verdict

Bows are the perfect weapon for surviving in the forest. And if you know how to make a bow in the forest, your survival chance increases by a lot. All the information in this post will help you learn everything about bows and arrows. It will also allow you to make a bow and arrow in the forest with whatever you have. Note that making a bow and arrow is a skill. So the result might not be pleasing the very first time, but do not lose hope. It gets better with every attempt.

How to make arrows Sons of the forest game

Sons of the Forest is a first-person survival game. Players find themselves alone in a mysterious forest after a fatal plane crash. The goal is to survive in this game by building a base and crafting different tools like arrows, axes, etc. Hunger, thirst, mutants, and cannibals are the player’s greatest enemies. There are plenty of activities to do in the forest, such as hunting animals, chopping down trees, and building shelters.

Why Arrows in The Forest are Vital

In the game, the main character is bare-handed and the goal is to survive. It requires food for survival and players can hunt down animals for food. Also, arrows are a good weapon for survival. And unlike weapon ammo, they are reusable. This is the reason why arrows in the forest are vital and play an important role.

How to make arrows in the forest

Bow and arrows are the perfect survival kit in the forest. Players can take out enemies from a long distance without being noticed. Arrows are perfect for long-range combat but it is risky to use them for close-range combat. There are many types of arrows in the forest, and here is how to make them, such as,

  • Normal Arrows
  • Bone Arrows
  • Fire Arrows
  • Poison Arrows
  • Modern Arrows

How to make normal arrows in the forest

Crafting normal arrows is the easiest of all. They can be used for any range and are suitable for all hunting.

Materials required:

  • 1 Stick
  • 5 Feathers
  • Cloth (optional)
How to make normal arrows in the forest
How to make normal arrows in the forest

Steps to make normal arrows:

  • Collect sticks: Look for small branches or twigs on the ground or break them off trees. You can also use a crafted stick from a crafting mat.
  • Create fletching: Use feathers to attach one or two at the end of each stick. This creates the fletching for the arrow.
  • Combine the sticks and fletching: Use the crafting mat or your inventory to combine the sticks and fletching. You can do this by holding the stick and clicking on the feathers in your inventory. You can create up to five arrows at a time.
  • Add cloth (optional): If you have cloth, you can wrap it around the tip of an arrow to create an incendiary arrow. These arrows can be lit on fire and used to set structures or enemies ablaze.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have normal arrows that you can use with your bow to hunt animals or defend yourself against enemies. Arrows can be crafted quickly and are an essential item to have when exploring the game world. It’s important to note that normal arrows do not have any special effects like fire or poison, but they are still useful for hunting and dealing damage to enemies.

How to make Bone arrows in the forest

How to make Bone arrows in the forest

Bone arrows are much more effective and deal 40% more damage to enemies compared to regular arrows. These arrows are capable of headshots and which makes them better than regular arrows. For crafting bone arrows players will need the ingredients that are used in normal arrows and 5 bones.

Materials required:

  • Bones (one per arrow)
  • 1 Stick
  • 5 Feathers
How to make Bone arrows in the forest
How to make Bone arrows in the forest

Steps to make bone arrows:

  • Collect bones: Look for animal bones on the ground or from animals you have killed. You will need one bone per arrow.
  • Create arrowheads: In your inventory, use a bone to create an arrowhead by selecting “Craft”. This will shape the bone into a pointed tip that can be attached to an arrow.
  • Collect sticks and feathers: Look for small branches or twigs on the ground or break them off trees. Collect feathers from birds.
  • Create fletching: Use feathers to attach one or two at the end of each stick. This creates the fletching for the arrow.
  • Combine the arrowheads, sticks, and fletching: Use the crafting mat or your inventory to combine the arrowheads, sticks, and fletching. You can do this by holding the arrowhead and clicking on the stick in your inventory, then attaching the fletching by clicking on the feathers.
  • Create the bone arrow: Once you have combined the arrowheads, sticks, and fletching, you will have five bone arrows that can be used with your bow.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have bone arrows that you can use with your bow to hunt animals or defend yourself against enemies. Bone arrows are more powerful than normal arrows, as they deal more damage to enemies. They also have a higher chance of being recovered after being used, so you can reuse them multiple times. However, bone arrows are not as effective against armour, so be sure to use them strategically.

How to make Bone arrows in the forest

How to make Fire arrows in the forest

Fire arrows are capable of setting the target on fire. This arrow is like a double-edged sword that can also damage the player who is shooting it. They can be lit using a lighter or any kind of fire. Fire arrows can be collected from the target once shot, but they will turn into normal arrows after that.

Materials required:

  • 1 Cloth
  • 1 Booze
  • 5 Any Arrows
how to make a bow and arrow
How to make Fire arrows in the forest

Steps to make fire arrows:

  • Collect cloth: Look for cloth scattered throughout the game world or by cutting up cloth found in suitcases or luggage.
  • Collect booze: Booze can be found in various locations or by collecting it from cannibals or mutants.
  • Create Molotov cocktail: Combine cloth and booze in your inventory to create a Molotov cocktail.
  • Light the Molotov cocktail: Equip the Molotov cocktail and light it using a lighter or by approaching a lit source, such as a campfire or standing fire.
  • Ignite the arrow: Hold the arrow in your inventory and press “C” to light the arrow on fire.  
  • Shoot the arrow: Use your bow to shoot the arrow at the target. The fire arrow will ignite anything it hits, causing damage to enemies and setting fire to structures.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have fire arrows that you can use with your bow to cause extra damage to enemies and set structures on fire in the Sons of the Forest game. It’s important to note that the flame on the arrow will eventually go out, so be sure to use it quickly after igniting it.

How to make Fire arrows in the forest

 How to make Poison Arrows in the forest

Poison arrows cause additional damage over time. It also has some side effects such as slow movements and low damage capability. When shot, the victim’s skin turns green as long as the poison effect is on. Poison arrows deal less damage than fire arrows but it lowers the victim’s movement. It would take several arrows to defeat mutants and strong cannibals.

Materials required:

  • Poison berries
  • 5 Arrow
 How to make Poison Arrows in the forest
 How to make Poison Arrows in the forest

Steps to make poison arrows:

  • Collect poison berries: Look for bushes with purple berries or use a berry pouch to collect them. You will need two poison berries per arrow.
  • Combine the poison berries: In your inventory, combine two poison berries to create poison arrows.
  • Equip and shoot the arrow: Equip the poison arrow in your inventory and shoot it with your bow at the target. Poison arrows will poison enemies, causing them to take damage over time.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have poison arrows that you can use with your bow to poison enemies and deal damage over time in the Sons of the Forest game. It’s important to note that poison arrows are not as effective against some enemies, such as mutants, so be sure to use them strategically. Additionally, poison berries are limited in supply, so use them wisely.

How to make Poison Arrows in the forest

 How to Find Morden Arrows in the forest

Modern arrows deal the most damage when used in combination with modern bows. The damage is way higher compared to poison arrows and fire arrows. But the plot twist is players can not craft modern arrows. They can only be found in yellow crates or caves. So players have to work hard to find modern arrows.

How to Find Morden Arrows in the forest

Where to find different ingredients for crafting arrows?

To craft arrows, players need to collect different ingredients. These ingredients are placed in different places and some of them can be found by performing different actions.

Where to find sticks for arrows?

Sticks are all over the game. Players can obtain sticks by cutting trees and bushes. Normally players can carry 10 sticks in their inventory. The number of sticks can increase up to 20 sticks if they craft a stick bag.

Where to find bones for bone arrows?

Bones are the main ingredient for bone arrows. Players can find bones in caves and mutant camps. Killing mutants and setting them on fire can provide 5-8 bones as well.

Where to find clothes and booze for a fire arrow?

Booze and clothes can be found widely in the game. Players can find them in suitcases near the crashed plane, sea shore, or caves.

Where to find berries and mushrooms for poison arrow?

Players can collect poisonous berries and mushrooms from bushes. Finding mushrooms and berries can be a hassle but they are worth it.

Final verdict

Arrows are necessary tools for survival in the forest. They provide a huge advantage and they are easy to craft. Players can use arrows to defend themselves and hunt animals for food. All of the arrows have different perks and that’s what makes them special. So enjoy crafting arrows and make sure you survive in the forest.

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